Their story is ending soon

The Doctor and Mike have travelled in the TARDIS for over ten years in broadcast terms, yes we started making audios way back in 2001. Their adventures were on hiatus for an unknown reason but they are coming back, you will have heard "Just Wil" last month. To remind you of how they met and where they have been and where they are going, check out this video, straight from the TARDIS Information System...

The Doctor and Mike are Back! Brand new adventure "Just Wil"

Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who continues with yet another release from DAM Productions, this time The Doctor and Mike are back! with a brand new adventure!

Just Wil by Charles Lambert

The Doctor brings Mike and K9 to the planet Filchin, there they discover that this warmongering scumbag race are as dainty as flowers but there is an impending invasion! The Doctor's old friend Wils Strader is at hand to help, or can he?

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